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DawaJunction Super

By Puffle Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

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DawaJunction Super is a mobile application to connect Pharma companies to their wholesalers. DawaJunction Super provides complete ERP solution for Pharma companies. DawaJunction Super more than just an ordinary ERP Solution. Benefits of DawaJunction Super: 1. 24x7 Place Orders to Pharma Companies with real time stock availability. 2. Real time update on placed orders. 3. Create and assign different targets to company executives. 4. Department based user dashboard. 5. Monitor performance of executives. 6. Record all orders/schemes/price. No hassle of book keeping. 7. View Information about company and wholesalers at any place at any time. 8. Search for products as per company. 9. Increased Sales. 10. Product Catalogue upload/download. 11. Reduce Paper work, manual work. 12. Auto generated business reports. 13. Product price/scheme configuration. 14. Update Stock at any time from anywhere. And many more...